Who Are We?

Artemis Communications is a Hong Kong-based custom publishing and editorial solutions agency, specializing in lifestyle and travel titles, as well as in-house communications, presentations, magazine and newsletter development, copyrighting and communications consultation. Artemis Communications was founded by experienced journalist and editor Nick Walton. Nick has extensive experience in magazines and newspapers, including managing editor roles at over nine international magazines and a two-year stint as the Travel Editor of the South China Morning Post.

What Do We Do?

Artemis Communications specializes in custom-built publications, from in-house newsletters right through to complete magazine solutions. Artemis' editorial and project development teams can custom-create entire publications that can help third parties reach their target audiences. In this era of budget cuts, recessions and tighter belts, it's fundamental that companies reach their core target audience and create an effective dialogue with the very people that will buy their goods and services, whether they are a hotel room, a restaurant meal or a super yacht.

Why Custom Publishing?

The market for professional contract publishing and editorial services, around the world in general and in Asia-Pacific specifically, has never displayed more potential. As an effective element of their business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications, many companies - from shopping malls to gourmet delis, wine clubs to car dealerships - are realizing the potential of concise, targeted contract publications. Custom publishing however, is not only limited to magazines designed as business models, i.e. to make a profit. It also includes magazines designed to reach members of organizations, including university alumni, insurance card holders, and wine club members, without a reliance on advertising support.

This is especially relevant to the travel industry; hotels are all investing in their own in-room magazines, which help secure brand loyalty with regular travellers. Airlines have long produced their own magazines, farmed out to contract publishing companies just like Artemis Communications. Increasingly, travel agencies and tour operators, car hire companies, serviced apartments, concierge services and frequent flyer organizations are investing in contract publishing, creating a concise and direct communications link between themselves and their target demographics.